konect Art gallery
Rose, 01 Al 15 de julio 2020

Rose’s avatar was created to explore the worlds in Second Life and photography came in a natural way of expressing my art and feelings like I usual do in Real Life. Growing up near beaches I was lucky enough to often experience what they had to offer, even today they are a place of solace. In Second Life, Sim owners are able today to create some beautiful scenes. I actively seek them out on my Second life travels and as I hope you can see from my work that I enjoy them just as much. I show this work in my second life art from some of my favorite sims across Second life –  Norderney is the place I love the most, and I live in tranquility dreams now,  to live in such surrounded beauty is so humbling and mediative. You also will find Frogmore, Lost Lagoon and Cherishville in this collection of works.  We are living in exceptional times and also a rebirth of appreciation and pleasure for the most simple things in life such as watching a sunrise or sunset,  feeling the sand between your toes as the warm breeze calmingly fills your lungs , listening to gulls cry above as the waves lap along the shore can sooth any troubled soul.  For most of us it is a blessing and feeling of hope for the future. This thought also influenced the idea for this exhibit.  I Hope you have fun seeing this collection of photos as much I had making them.  hugsss ❤  Rღse

konect Art gallery
monty, 01 Al 15 de julio 2020

Welcome my  world of visions.  I’ve been in Second Life a long while and have experienced many things.  Photography has become my driving purpose.  Creating images that tell stories or bring about emotions is very fulfilling.  My styles go from one end of the spectrum to another.  You’ll see  landscapes political statements  and abstracts. I like to incorporate  music when it is possible. I do enjoy monochrome and black and white , but enjoy all types. My mood mainly depends on the model and the scene.